Practices Map

Development of the Dispute Resolution Strategy

The process of dispute resolution is like a game in chess, in which, as it is known, is almost impossible to win without clear strategy and tactics. With this in mind and respecting the rules of the dispute resolution game, we provide our clients with service of development of dispute resolution strategy.

Due diligence of the Counterparties Status

In order to assess the chances for success in dispute resolution or to assess the reliability of the counterparty before conclusion of the trade contract, we offer our clients the service of due diligence of a counterparties status.

International Arbitration

We advise on all aspects of international arbitration and have an extensive experience in representation of the clients’ interests in international arbitrations all over the world. The range of services which EX NOVO delivers in international arbitration includes, as follows:

  • legal advice
  • drafting of an arbitration agreement
  • preparation and submission of all the necessary procedural documents
  • application of the interim measures
  • representation in international arbitration
  • legal support in recognition and enforcement of an arbitral award

Pre-action Activity

Within the Dispute Resolution practice, the firm successfully delivers pre-action services. We carry out representation and protection of the clients' interests, through direct negotiations with the counterpart, preparation and delivery of the claims, and also by step-by-step consulting of the client.


The firm represents and protects the clients interests in the courts of general and special jurisdiction and also provides with legal support in court proceedings abroad.