Practices Map

Trade Contract

Understanding the needs of our clients and specificity of their business, we deliver services of development of the trade contracts.

We share an individual approach in development of each individual contract form. In course of our work we consider the goals and needs of the client, assess the possibilities of their implementation and develop the ways to their maximal realization in text of the contract form and in practice.

After development of the contract form, we advise the client on all significant and important issues of practical application.

Trade scheme

Ex Novo provides with service of development of the new trade schemes, as well, as with analysis and restructuring of the existing ‘in-use’ trade schemes. We share the most comprehensive and individual approach in development, analysis and restructuring of the trade schemes. In our work we use the best worlds’ practices and consider all the essential factors and the clients' goals.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, better address to us for the optimal legal solution.